2021 Souris River Canoes New and Used Inventory

Retail Canoe Prices

Souris River Canoes now sell their retail canoes factory direct. To purchase new canoes, please review the available models at www.sourisriver.com. To inquire about purchasing, contact the company at sales@sourisriver.com

Model/Size Lay-up Color Options Condition New
Quetico 18.5  (2-seater) Kevlar Clear Gold Sliver gunwales
Nylon web seats
Contoured yoke Whitewater layup
New $3475 SOLD
Quetico 18.5
Kevlar Clear Gold Silver gunwales
Nylon web seats
Sliding bow seat
3rd seat       Contoured yoke
New $3475        SOLD
Quetico 17 Kevlar Clear Gold Silver gunwales
Nylon web seats Contoured yoke
New $2975  SOLD
Prospector 17.5 Kevlar LeTigre Kevlar Black gunwales
Nylon web seats Contoured yoke
New $3275  SOLD


* Souris River Canoes new and used models are subject to 5% GST and 6% PST taxes. New price is the current season retail price.

** Le Tigre is a visually impressive color combination of black and gold kevlar. It is also available in red or green woven color in LeTigre pattern.

*** Woven color incorporates color impregnated cloth into the canoe lay-up, avoiding the extra weight of gel coat or paint. Scratches can be erased with a urethane touch-up.

Souris River Canoe Advantages

  • High quality epoxy resin standard in duralite and kevlar lay-ups – not available from other major manufacturers, except by special order.
  • Lightweight, but durable construction.
  • Flexible rib system, exclusive to Souris River Canoes.
  • Fast, easy paddling hull designs

Duralite is a tough flexible composite fiber developed by Souris River Canoes. Note: Kevlar is now standard lay-up on all Souris River canoes; Duralite is no longer available.