Prince Albert National Park Canoe Trips

Quest for Grey Owl

Canoeing on Kingsmere Lake in Prince Albert National Park

A CanoeSki group on Kingsmere Lake en route to Grey Owl’s cabin   ©canoeski

Who was Grey Owl? Why did he reject his British heritage and masquerade as an Indian? How did this reclusive woodsman and trapper become the champion of the beaver and an international celebrity? Discover the answers as you paddle in the path of Canada’s most celebrated conservationist on this wilderness canoeing journey to his log cabin in Prince Albert National Park.

Canoe along beautiful Kingsmere Lake and hike the boreal forest trail to “Beaver Lodge” on secluded Ajawaan Lake. Here Grey Owl lived in the 1930’s with his Mohawk wife, Anahereo and two wild pet beavers, Rawhide and Jelly Roll. From his back country refuge, Grey Owl maintained his strange Indian persona, wrote several famous books about life in the Canadian wilderness and left behind an intriguing legend. This fascinating story was revived recently in the 1999 movie, Grey Owl, starring Pierce Brosnan. You can explore the myth and mystery of the Grey Owl legend first hand as you retrace his footsteps on this 4-day trek to his wilderness sanctuary in the heart of Saskatchewan’s southern boreal forest.

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Birding in Bison Country

Sturgeon River valley in Prince Albert National Park

A stunning view of the Sturgeon River valley  ©canoeski

You’ll discover birdlife-a-plenty on this 2-day tour – and a lot of larger wildlife too!Our venue in the remote backcountry of Prince Albert National Park is a placid river meandering through an ancient glacial valley. Down in the valley bottom, extensive marshlands provide ideal habitat for waterfowl and other migrants gathering in the lush rushes and reeds. On the forested uplands, free roaming bison graze patches of rare fescue prairie. It is a veritable wildlife paradise!

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Family Voyageurs

Family canoeing in Prince Albert National Park

Family voyageurs in Prince Albert National Park  ©canoeski

An easy-going northern canoe trip designed especially for families with young paddlers.

A tranquil lake and a placid winding river complete with beaver, otters, moose, bald eagles and countless loons, are the venue for this 3-day family canoe trip in Prince Albert National Park. In addition to exploring the waterways and wildlife, trails connect to our wilderness campsite to allow for nature hikes in the boreal forest. Young voyageurs under 12 get 50% off the package price.

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Loon Magic Canoe Trip

Common loons in Prince Albert National Park

Common loons in Prince Albert National Park  ©canoeski

Join this easy going trip down the peaceful Spruce River and into the quiet National Park portion of Anglin Lake. Enjoy the wildlife and valley scenery while paddling the meandering river. Then, on the lake, reputed to have one of the highest loon densities in Saskatchewan, learn about this enchanting symbol of the Canadian wilderness. Loon song and dance, loon lore, and a little loon-acy will all be part of the learning experience! Overall, it’s a relaxing trip, but does require a bit of agility to climb in and out of canoes and pull over beaver dams on the river part of the trip.

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Autumn in the Bladebone Canoe Trip

Fall colors in Prince Albert National Park

Fall colors in Prince Albert National Park  ©canoeski

Experience the changing of the seasons in the picturesque and rarely-travelled Bladebone wilderness of Prince Albert National Park’s west side. Marvel at the vistas of gold and orange forests as you travel through the quiet, protected lakes and easy portages. Feel the crispness in the air, savour the smells of the fall forest and listen for moose calling and elk bugling in the rut. Expert ethnobotanist Anna Leighton will be on board to unravel the mysteries of autumn, including how plants, animals and traditional peoples prepare for the approaching winter. A sensational time of year to be out, and no bugs to boot!

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Note: SW access to the Bladebone canoe route via Tatham L. no longer available making it impossible to continue offering this trip. Click on trip itinerary for more info.

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