Links to Saskatchewan Canoeing, Environmental and Tourism Organizations


Paddle Canada
An environmentally oriented canoeing umbrella organization promoting national standards for canoeing and kayaking safety and certification.

Canoeing and Visual Art
Bill Mason and his family’s home pages where you can learn a lot more about Canada’s legendary paddler, author, artist, filmmaker and environmentalist whose Song of the Paddle quote appears on the CanoeSki home page.

Canoe Saskatchewan
A comprehensive source of Saskatchewan canoeing info including documented routes, river water levels, history, geology, trip planning and preparation, etc. Under Wilderness Living there is a discussion of Environmental Ethics by Cliff Speer.

Saskatoon Canoe Club
The club offers programs for canoeists and kayakers including instruction, boat rentals, organized day trips and longer canoe trips.

Souris River Canoes
CanoeSki is a dealer for the Souris River Canoe company. More info on their top notch canoes can be found here closer to the factory floor!

Environment and Conservation

Saskatchewan Environmental Society
“Working for a Sustainable Future.” A dynamic, committed organization providing exemplary leadership on local and global environmental issues. A ‘must-join’ organization for all canoeists benefiting from their conservation efforts.

Saskatchewan Eco-Network
An umbrella organization facilitating communication and joint initiatives amongst all environmentally related organizations in Saskatchewan. The Eco-Network has Working Groups dealing with specific issues, e.g., forestry.

Nature Saskatoon
A dedicated group of naturalists providing programming for Saskatoon and area residents to become involved in conservation and recreational outings to learn about and appreciate local nature oriented attractions.

Nature Saskatchewan
Another leading Saskatchewan conservation organization with wide-ranging projects from wildlife habitat protection to organizing annual bird counts. Their activities ultimately benefit canoeists by helping to create a richer, more diverse environment for everyone.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
A national organization dedicated to wilderness preservation with a Saskatchewan chapter that has been leading a campaign against clear-cut logging in the boreal forest. A worthy organization to support, as most of our prime canoeing areas are in the Province’s Boreal Forest Eco Zone.

Saskatchewan Archaeological Society
One of the most active archaeological societies in Canada with lots to offer on history and culture along canoe routes. Tim Jones, former director of the society, is one Canada’s experts on Canadian Shield rock art is also part of the CanoeSki resource team.

Saskatchewan Outdoor Environmental Education Association
A province-wide group fostering the development of sustainable outdoor recreation and environmental education opportunities.

Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin
A Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta partnership for promoting sustainable uses of the river basin in the tri-province area, managed by the Meewasin Valley Authority in Saskatoon. The Partners is involved in a variety of watershed projects including the promotion of ecotourism in the basin.

A ‘full service’ green site with everything from shopping to searching the web. They donate a portion of their advertising revenues to high profile environmental organizations.


Tourism Saskatoon
City of Bridges and Gothic architecture, situated in a beautiful valley replete with riverbank parks. Saskatoon, largest city in the Province, was rated as the best place to live in Canada by Chatelaine Magazine. Visit the site to find out why!

Tourism Saskatchewan
Lots of things to see and do in Saskatchewan. If you’re looking for add-ons to a canoeing vacation, there are numerous links to province-wide attractions.

Virtual Saskatchewan
On-line magazine profiling the wealth of fascinating and sometimes bizarre local tales. Although canoeing is our preferred travel mode, there is a good story on Hiking to Grey Owl’s Cabin, plus biographical notes on Grey Owl. Visions on Rock features Tim Jones explaining the mysteries of aboriginal rock paintings. Tim is director of the interpretive program on the CanoeSki Rock Art Archaeology Camp.

The Great Canadian Adventure Company
An Edmonton-based internet marketing company selling a wide variety of adventure tours Canada-wide including several CanoeSki tours through their dual Canadian and German web site

Parkland Publishing
Authors Robin and Arlene Karpan publish books on Saskatchewan tourism related topics, including a recent work with appealing images and descriptions of their canoeing experiences, entitled Northern Saskatchewan Canoe Country

Prairies North
An award-winning, locally produced publication profiling the diverse landscapes, wildlife, culture and history of Saskatchewan.