CanoeSki Adventure Training Courses

Canoeing & Cross-Country Skiing Lessons

CanoeSki Learn to Canoe course in Saskatoon

Cliff (L) giving paddling instruction at Lakeview Lake in Saskatoon prior to launching the canoes

Since 1990, CanoeSki has been offering lessons in canoeing and cross-country skiing, two of Saskatchewan’s most prominent outdoor adventure sports. The CanoeSki Adventure Training Courses range from beginner Learn-To courses to more advanced lessons for those wanting to improve their technique or to prepare for paddling or skiing skills certification. Private and semi-private instruction is also available for those wanting more individual attention or whose personal schedules don’t mesh with scheduled group courses. Certification courses for groups or customized courses designed to meet specific needs/agendas can be arranged. Contact Cliff Speer at 306-653-5693 or email for private lessons or customized group courses. All CanoeSki courses are taught by nationally certified instructors.

Wilderness Navigation & Orienteering

In 2004, CanoeSki expanded its adventure training program to include a wilderness-oriented Map & Compass Course. It was a perfect fit for cross-country skiing and especially for canoeing, which had already been providing participants with orienteering training in an informal way on canoe trips. The wilderness ski tours at that time were also giving skiers an incentive to acquire off-the-beaten-track navigational skills. Increasing interest in adventure racing has also generated noticeable participation in the CanoeSki Map & Compass Courses.

Why Take a CanoeSki Adventure Training Course?

CanoeSki’s extensive experience (over 30 years) in designing and delivering instructional programs is the ultimate advantage to consider in selecting a canoeing, cross-country skiing or orienteering course. Here are several more good reasons:


Our Paddle Canada certified instructors can put you on a learning curve quickly without all the lost time and frustration of learning by trial and error. We cover safety concerns in addition to teaching proper paddling technique, so you know how to stay safe on the water. All our canoeing lessons are conveniently conducted in Saskatoon on in-city lakes and on the South Saskatchewan River.  We use lightweight Souris River Canoes that are a pleasure to paddle and portage. You have a chance to try different models and designs if you are thinking of buying a canoe.
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Cross-country Skiing

Cross-country skiing looks deceptively simple, but to move gracefully and efficiently requires a great deal of balance and coordination, especially with skate skiing. Our cross-country skiing lessons in Saskatoon are taught by CANSI certified instructors using teaching techniques to get you started on the right track and avoid developing habits that impair your skill and enjoyment of both classic and skate skiing.
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Orienteering students on the CanoeSki map and compass course

Cliff giving tips on the orienteering course at Whitecap Park in Saskatoon (Photo: Henry Eng)

Map and Compass skills are a technical challenge for a lot of people. The CanoeSki approach is to use a team of instructors for more individualized instruction in a format combining classroom and field practice sessions. Student feedback has verified this as an effective learning method over the years of conducting this course. If you are into adventure racing, our map and compass course is excellent preparation for the navigational challenges involved in these events.
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