CanoeSki Discovery Company Privacy Policy

We all appreciate knowing that our personal information is respected by the companies we do business with. By the same token, CanoeSki Discovery Company values your personal information and makes every effort to respect and protect your right to privacy.

The following assurances with respect to your privacy are offered in keeping with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of Canada.

CanoeSki collects clients’ and prospective client’s basic contact information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses via inquiries for program information and from registration forms. When demographic information is available, it may also be added to the basic contact information. Where course or tour registration requires information for safety purposes, such as emergency and medical information, this is not included in a client’s contacts, but is retained in a paper file for reference for the applicable activity. Its potential use is confined to that specific course or trip.

Personal contact information is used by CanoeSki primarily for communicating program and event information related to canoeing and cross-country skiing. It may also be used in program planning and market analysis. Your personal information is not disclosed to third parties and no one has access to this information except CanoeSki.

Anyone has the option of having their personal information removed from the CanoeSki contact list by sending a request to or phoning Cliff at 306-653-5693.