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Northern Waterways Canoe Trips

Legends of the Shield

Paddling & Camping in a Group of Seven Painting by Lorna Sim, August 2010
Lorna's canoeing storyA CanoeSki Learn to Canoe “graduate”, Lorna Sim decided it was time for a canoeing adventure in northern Saskatchewan. After honing her paddling skills and whetting her appetite on the South Saskatchewan River…>>>


Getting Into the Spirit of an Untamed Wilderness by Molly Penrose, August 2008
Molly's canoe trip storyIn the summer of 2008, the Legends of the Shield canoe tour took on Molly Penrose, a plucky young woman looking for wilderness adventure. Luckily for her, Nature rose to the occasion with a few challenges on the trip…>>>

Rock Art & Bannock

Paddling Northern Saskatchewan – A Dream Come True! by Robbie Gamble, August 2012
Robbie's canoe trip storyAfter a few years of paddling the river in her home town of Moose Jaw, Robbie was anxious to spread her wings. A canoe trip on the enchanting Churchill River in northern Saskatchewan would fulfill her dreams, if she could just take her kayak! Well, her dreams of paddling in paradise were exceeded, but not exactly the way she had anticipated!…>>>

Peaceful Canoeing, Relaxing Swims & the Best Outdoor Cooking by Tim Weinhandl, August 2007
While urban folk were sweltering in record temperatures in July 2007, the hot, calm days on the river were a canoeist’s dream come true. “Canoeing on glassy waters and enjoying evening swims left us relaxed and more in touch with ourselves”, writes Tim …>>>
Outdoor Newbies Discover Fresh Bannock & Awesome Rock Art by Tammi Hensch, August 2007
Some trepidation accompanied checking the box “no canoeing experience” on the booking form for CanoeSki. Best friends – a big Eastern city girl and a Saskatchewan farm girl – had decided to embark on an adventure new for both of them…>>>

Nistoyãhk Odyssey

Lac La Ronge Park Paddling Odyssey by Bryan St. George, July 2002
Bryan's canoe trip storyListen to the loons, watch bald eagles soar and feel the spray of mighty Nistowiak Falls, says the trip description. Bryan did that and a lot more when he teamed up with his 14-year-old grandson for an 8-day canoeing vacation of a lifetime…>>>

Churchill River Canoe Tours by Request

Tales of a Churchill River Eco-Canoe Tour by Tom Rogers, August 2003
Tom offered to take his extended family on a 5-day canoe trip as a Christmas gift. “My family and I did not realize how close to nature we would be on this amazing eco-canoe tour on the Churchill River”, he writes…>>>

Whitewater Trail of the Voyageurs

Whitewater Trails by Kathryn Landry, August 2001
A resident of B.C’s Saltspring Island, Kathryn reconnects with her childhood roots on this Paull River northern Saskatchewan canoe trip, finding the landscape “as beautiful and pristine as ever I remembered.” Enjoy her intriguing and beautifully written account…>>>

Southern Waterways Canoe Trips

Learn to Canoe

Learn to Canoe – A Full Immersion Version! by Barb Stehwien, June 2009
Barb StehwienA cattail-fringed duck pond like Lakeview Lake in Saskatoon is not the most tantalizing place to take a refreshing dip while canoeing. But as luck would have it, Barb, an eager learn-to-canoe student, did take an unexpected swim and survived…>>>

River Trails of 1885

Exploring the Historic River Trails of 1885 by Brad Lefebvre, August 2010
A penchant for Saskatchewan history and outdoor adventure inspired Humboldt resident and businessman Brad Lefebvre and his sons to join a group of CanoeSki paddlers on the South Saskatchewan River. He sums up his river encounter with the 1885 North West Resistance this way…>>>

David Thompson Voyageur Trek

A prairie boy and retired farmer from St. Louis, a tourism contest winning couple from Morse and a farmer/drug store worker from Rosetown, each have a story to relate about the David Thompson historical and archaeological river adventure…>>>
South Saskatchewan River Adventures in History and Archaeology by Jamie & Connie Baxter, July 2009
Prairie Boy Discovers a Treasure Trove of Archaeology by Georges Doderai, July 2009
Learning About History and Wilderness Living by Velma Persson, July 2009

Saskatoon’s River History by Canoe

A keen, but diverse group including University students, a young German couple, and several mid-aged friends offer their reminiscences of a perfect fall day on a prairie river – paddling, roasting corn, watching migrating birdlife and viewing the valley colors…>>>
Indian Head Agricultural Students Ply the Scenic South Saskatchewan River by Holly McLean, September 2007
Silence, Nature & History – A German View of Canadian Canoeing by Gunnar Triltzsch, September 2007
Three Good Friends Try a New Adventure! by Doreen, Colleen & Lee, September 2007

South Saskatchewan Cranes & Colors

A South Saskatchewan River Canoe Trip Full of Amazing Fall Sights & Sounds by Shelly McGrath, September 2013
4934-shelly-corn-roast-12-00Shelly sums up her thorough enjoyment of the Cranes & Colors corn roast trip thus: “I felt a deep sense of gratitude for so many things – for the beauty that each of the seasons brings to our prairie landscape; for the birds and wildlife that are allowed to freely live and roam in our river valley”…>>>

An Elemental Fall Journey on the South Saskatchewan River by Christine Varnum, September 2006
“The trip was full of sensations…the heat of the sun, bursts of scent from sage and dry grasses on the nature walk, and the river with its wildlife and colorful landscapes…” are just a few of Christine’s reflections on the fall Cranes & Colors day trip on the South Saskatchewan River…>>>

South Saskatchewan River Trips by Request

15 Wing Cruises the South Saskatchewan River by Cliff Speer (with trip summaries by students), August 2006
“Youth Adventure Training” was the official description: a lively group of teenagers from Saskatchewan’s 15 Wing Moose Jaw Air Base having a whole pile of fun on a 4-day canoe trip from Outlook to Saskatoon. Hot sunny weather and lots of stops for sandbar swimming were the order of the day…>>>

Coyotes & Coulees

Coyotes & Coulees: A Trip of Surprises by Michael Oelck, September 2002
Michael's canoe trip storyWeird weather, hiking for a day and group bonding all combine to make a fall trip on the North Saskatchewan River a memorable experience. Coming from Germany, Michael gets re-acquainted with the Canadian way…>>>

Prince Albert National Park Canoe Trips

Loon Magic

Camping at a First-Class Wilderness Hotel by Ines, July 2008
Ines, like most German travellers, values remote and primitive places, which is likely why she signed up her family for the Loon Magic canoe trip in the pristine wilderness of Prince Albert National Park. She was surprised to discover that primitive living can also have elements of a 5-star hotel…>>>

Family Voyageurs

Everyone on this family canoe trip in Prince Albert National Park, from big to small, got into the act of recording their experiences from drawing pictures to writing stories. You can join them vicariously as you share their trip memories…>>>
Treasured Moments of Family Canoe Camping by Jean McPherson, July 2007
Ten Times Better Than Any Swimming Pool! by Julie Maxwell
A Guided Canoeing Adventure is the Family Way to Go! by Kelly Slough

Women’s Challenge Churchill River Canoe Trips

Women & Waves

Trip Tales from the August 2011 trip (2 stories)

Paddling Exhilaration on the Churchill River by Sheila Nykwist, August 2011
Sheila on Women & Waves canoe tripCalgary TV host/producer Sheila was stepping out of her comfort zone on this women’s wilderness canoe trip on the Churchill River. It turned out to be not so scary, but exhilarating! “A time to get back to nature, to appreciate the simple things like waking up to dewy freshness, a refreshing swim in cool, clean water, delicious meals prepared over the fire, the healing hands of a professional masseuse, and singing with friends,” she remarks about the trip…>>>
An All-Female Adventure on the Amazing Voyageur Waterway by Jan Walker, August 2011
Jan on Women & Waves tripJan, a Fort Macleod artist and hearing technician, found the Women & Waves trip exceeded her highest expectations. “To be actually paddling the Churchill River, that amazing waterway of the voyageurs is so remarkable…It’s a special opportunity to bond and grow, relax and enjoy the pristine wilderness or just hang out together”, she reflects on the all-female adventure…>>>

Women & Waves by Kelly Warden, August 2005
Kelly celebrated her 50th birthday in the company of her 3 daughters on this all women’s canoe trip and turned her journal into an intriguing personal odyssey. Follow her account of challenging her comfort zone, handling difficult water, experiencing personal growth and having fun…>>>
Exploring the Churchill River: An All Women’s Canoeing Saga by Gail Streberg, August 2004
“A friend told me that there would be only one problem coming on this canoe trip — I would love it so much, I would have to keep coming back!” writes Gail of her experiences on the Churchill River Women & Waves canoe program. Enjoy her enthusiastic account…>>>

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