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Feature article – Canada’s 50 Best Trips, February 2002
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Rock Art Archaeology Saskatchewan

The image of the Canadian North is inextricably bound to the Natives who first inhabited it. For many of us, though, apart from the names of the lakes and rivers we visit – and the canoes in which we paddle them – our connections to First-Nations culture is tenuous at best.

You can change that by journeying to the boreal forests of northern Saskatchewan, with an aboriginal interpreter, to take part in an archaeological adventure. You’ll visit existing sites and explore for new ones on this 5-day canoe expedition through a region that has already produced some 2000 finds. The rock art pictographs, considered among the finest examples in the country, have been painted on outcrops of Canadian Shield granite that rise 150 feet out of the remote lakes.

Outfitter: CanoeSki Discovery Company (306) 653-5693
Price: $1490
From: Saskatoon
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate